Very concerning article in Bizwest about housing markets around the country and here in Colorado. Five of the top 6 most expensive markets are in California, and Boulder is the top in Colorado and is #7 most expensive nationwide. Fort Collins saw an increase over last year of almost 11%, with the median home price about to hit a half million dollars.

Here are my thoughts on housing affordability in Fort Collins:

  • water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. The market price for water is now $80K/unit. Water tap fees in Wellington are now $90K for a residential unit. At these prices development can only occur for multi-family housing (apartment buildings), and very expensive homes. That’s it. We must secure access to water if we want affordable housing, period.
  • We must ensure that we have a community where the people who work here can afford to live here. If our police, teachers, firefighters and health care providers work in Fort Collins but live in surrounding communities we will find ourselves in a desperate situation.
  • The City’s draft strategic housing plan has a lot of very good ideas. So did the strategic housing plan from 2015, and the one before that, and the one before that. It’s time to put a premium on action and not words. Let’s focus on this issue with leadership and not allow ourselves to get distracted.
  • End the ill-conceived moratorium on Metro Districts. There is so much misinformation on the 1600 metro districts that exist in Colorado. Let’s get educated and take responsibility, or come up with an alternative to funding infrastructure. Imposing moratoriums is no way to govern.