Today is the day we have been waiting for. I have been preparing for this day for more than 4 years, and my team and I have been hard at work campaigning for several months. I wanted to take just a minute and share my thoughts in the hours leading up to the final results of this important City Council campaign.

If we are successful, I look forward to serving all of the residents of District 3 for the next four years. I will do my best to listen, to learn and to make thoughtful decisions based on what is best for Fort Collins. I pledge my very best towards that effort.

If we are not successful, I wish the new District 3 Council Member the very best of success. I will do my best to support her and will ask my supporters to do the same.

Either way I am deeply humbled by the tremendous effort our put into this campaign, and I am truly honored for the support of so many wonderful people in the region. It has been a very special experience to meet so many people and to see first hand that the reason we are such an amazing community is because we have such amazing people.

I love Fort Collins. Thank you all so very much.