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Early thoughts after the election

In the days after the election I still find myself in complete shock. I am writing this mostly as a cathartic exercise to help me move on, and as a way to chronicle my thoughts after this very unique experience. But first I want two things to be abundantly clear, (a) I am extremely grateful for all of the support from so many people and the hard work that my team and others put into the effort, and (b) I give nothing but congratulations to my opponent who ran a classy, positive and extraordinarily successful campaign as we will see in just a moment. I don't want anything else that [...]


The Election is upon us!

Friends, Today is the day we have been waiting for. I have been preparing for this day for more than 4 years, and my team and I have been hard at work campaigning for several months. I wanted to take just a minute and share my thoughts in the hours leading up to the final results of this important City Council campaign. If we are successful, I look forward to serving all of the residents of District 3 for the next four years. I will do my best to listen, to learn and to make thoughtful decisions based on what is best for Fort Collins. I pledge my very best [...]


Sheriff Justin Smith endorsement!

"In this very difficult time, the police officers who serve the citizens of Fort Collins need our support and they need a strong voice on city council. Gavin will provide that critical voice. Gavin is the clear choice for District 3 and I encourage you to support him. I encourage Fort Collins voters to cast their ballot for Gavin for District 3." Justin Smith, Larimer County Sheriff Thank you Sheriff Smith for this endorsement. You have been a leader in our community, in our region and in our state for many years. Sheriff Smith led Larimer County through the dark days of the Cameron Peak Fire last year. Through all [...]


Gino Campana endorsement!

"Gavin is the leader with the integrity that Fort Collins needs at this critical time. Please join me in supporting him for my old seat on City Council." Thank you Gino Campana! I have known Gino since I was his constituent in 2013. After discussing my concerns on some local issues he reached out to me and we have worked closely together ever since. Gino is a builder and a visionary. He is that rare combination of a big thinker with the ability to make those big dreams become a reality. You surely know some of his projects, like the Villagio on Harmony, Jessup Farms on Timberline (home to the [...]


My statement on racism

In a recent candidate forum I was asked about equity and inclusion in Fort Collins. Here is my exact response: "This is a very challenging issue as we've seen in the last year. I think we all agree that people should be treated equally. I believe in a colorblind society. And that's what I do in healthcare as I mentioned in my opening remarks. In our practice we take care of almost 100,000 lives in this community, and we are completely indifferent as to their race or their sexual orientation or their transgender status - none of that matters to us. We take care of anyone who walks in our [...]


Aislinn Kottwitz endorsement!

"One of Gavin’s top qualities is his spectacular integrity. I’ve seen this in his work in business, and in the community. My experience with Gavin has been collaborative, approachable, and always full of integrity." - Aislinn Kottwitz, RN Aislinn served on Fort Collins City Council for District 3 from 2009 to 2013, while also working as a critical care nurse at a local hospital. She is an amazing person, a strong leader, a true healthcare hero, and I am honored to consider her a good friend. Thank you for your endorsement Aislinn!


Chamber endorsement

The Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce is one of the most recognized and high-performing in the country. As a member for many years I know that this respected organization cares very deeply for Fort Collins and our region. Their leadership in the community and work with the City is the constant theme that has Fort Collins on a steady march towards progress. That's why their endorsement means so much to me, because they only pick leaders who they know care deeply about Fort Collins. I am so fortunate to have received that endorsement. I am here to help make Fort Collins better than it has ever been. Thank you Fort [...]


Mayor Wade Troxell endorsement!

"I support Gavin Kaszynski for Fort Collins City Council in District 3. His healthcare and business experience are exactly what our city needs right now." - Wade Troxell Thank you Mayor Troxell! You have served our city so well for so many years. It has been an honor to get to know you and have you to our home. I look forward to continuing your legacy of service to our community and dedication to Fort Collins by serving on City Council. Here is a link to Wade's impressive bio. Mayor, City Councilman, offensive lineman for the CSU football team, Professor, Husband and Father. This is an impressive person and we [...]


Fort Collins Board of Realtors endorsement!

"The Fort Collins Board of REALTORS® is endorsing Gavin Kaszynski for Fort Collins City Council District 3. Gavin’s history in finance will help work through the budgeting challenge facing the city due to COVID-19, and as the town navigates a growing economy. With his community engagement work with Housing Authority (Housing Catalyst), Gavin brings valuable knowledge of our citizens’ growing housing needs and will work to find much-needed solutions." Realtors are the ultimate small business owner, and they are the pulse of our community. I am so fortunate to have earned their trust. Their goals are my goals, which are also the goals of the people I have been meeting [...]


Let’s make our schools better!

PSD Parents! What can be done by Fort Collins City Council to help create a highly performing school district? I have so many ideas. Let's start with a Community School Committee, with representatives from PSD, City Councils from Fort Collins, Wellington, Timnath and all the municipalities served by PSD, Teachers and OF COURSE PARENTS! A community works best when we collaborate. Let's meet regularly with all stakeholders and help make PSD a high performing district. As your City Council representative I will work to make this happen!

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